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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kicknic Cookies!

JARADOA (Just A Room Full Of Artists Doing Outreach And) Theater is an amazing theater company that I worked with last summer on the musical Shafrika the White Girl by Anika Larsen. Beyond doing great productions, JARADOA does amazing community outreach and also has super fun parties and events.

Last Monday I joined JARADOA in Central Park for their very first Kicknic (Picnic + Kickball Game)! It was a potluck, so naturally I brought cookies!

I enlisted the help of my friend Lisa, who also worked on Shafrika, and we had quite the adventure.

We began with a recipe for Butter Cookies that we used during a class at the ICE, but unfortunately it went horribly wrong and the dough fell apart when we tried to roll it out. After many attempts to salvage it, we had to come up with something else.

Once we had actually made some edible cookies, we had a great time decorating them.

Lisa made an amazing maroon icing (2 drops red, small drop green, small drop violet) and we got to work.

The maroon looks brownish in the pictures but I promise it looked great in real life.

I got the script idea from a wonderful blog that I read called Bake at 350. I had to test it out a bit first.

Mercy, Beauty, Truth is JARADOA's motto, and I wanted to make some cookies with their motto and some with their logo (you can see both on their website).

And I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

And they were a HIT at the Kicknic!

AND my team won the kickball game!


  1. Cookietastic! Well done Catherine xx

  2. Yay!!! They look great! I love the script on COOKIES!!!

  3. Thank you, Bridget! I LOVE your blog! You are an inspiration!



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