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Friday, June 18, 2010

RUN AND SEE: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Currently running at The Public Theater until June 27th (Seriously, buy your tickets NOW!), Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is the best musical I've seen all season. With a "Fuck yea" attitude and some kick ass songs, this musical gives the biography of Andrew Jackson a hilarious rock-star twist. Ben Walker, who plays Andrew Jackson with an irresistible bad-boy attitude and some bangin' vocal chords, fits the role as well as his tight black jeans fit him (sorry, I had to.). Hilariously snarky, with some damn catchy tunes, the show is also frighteningly relevant. Now here's a musical that makes you want to dance, but also makes you think. Thank you! (And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Three "Should Have Been Nominated"s from Brantley when it's not even eligible (yet!)?? Just saying... Broadway please!)

I also have a great cookie design idea for this show, so maybe they'll ask me to make some??? :) Or I'll just do it for fun!

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