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Friday, July 23, 2010


I just finished working on this great new musical with JARADOA Theater called “I’ll Be Damned.” It was written by Rob Broadhurst and Brent Black, and it’s about a boy named Louis (Jacob Hoffman) who has been home-schooled by his mother (Mary Testa) his entire life and has no friends. On his 19th birthday he sells his soul to the devil in order to get one true friend. Turns out Satan (Kurt Robbins) is that friend and complications ensue (mostly via rousing dance numbers).

The cast was pretty kick-ass and the music was awesome. I had so much fun working on the show, I was really excited to make cookies for it.

Louis is really into comic books, so I thought it would be fun to make comic bubbles with the show title in them.

He also writes his own comic book series called "Friendetta" about a superhero (played by the insanely talented Kenita Miller) whose superpower is finding people friends.

Photo by Carol Rosegg                                                   
Satan brings her to life to enlist her help in finding Louis a friend, and the minute I saw Friendetta's costume I knew I had to make cookies of her superhero symbol.

 It's Friendetttttaaaaa!

The pink in Friendetta's costume was pretty sparkly so I thought it'd be fun to make the cookies sparkly, too. I used bright pink sanding sugar on the pink frosting for the fun effect.

Louis is also a big fan of the comic book character Nightcrawler, who makes the noise "bamf" when he teleports. When Louis finds out that Satan can also teleport, he insists on saying "bamf"each time they travel to look for another friend. I thought to round out the batch I could make some cookies of the comic book "POW" shape (what shape is that?) and put "BAMF" on them!

These were the most difficult to make. I practiced long and hard to get the font right. The icing for the lettering got a little runny, but I think they look pretty cool.

And voila!

This was by far the most complex batch of Closing Cookies I've made thus far, but it was really exciting. I even made my own cookie cutters! I didn't want to go out and buy a comic bubble cookie cutter (yes, they do have them) and I couldn't find a "Pow" cutter anywhere, so I printed out a picture of the shape I wanted for each and made a stencil out of index cards. With chilled dough (in the fridge for about 20 minutes after rolling it out), it was really easy to place the card on the dough and cut around it.

I was pretty pleased with how well it worked!

It was so much fun to bring the cookies in and share them with everyone on the day of our last show. Closing is always a bittersweet time, so I like to add a little happiness to the day. Everyone loved the cookies, and it was a nice way to say "thank you" for all of their AMAZING work.

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