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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Commission: A Starcraft II Birthday Surprise!

My friend Stephanie, who I met working on Shafrika the White Girl at JARADOA Theater Company, contacted me last week to make cookies for her boyfriend's birthday. My very first commission!

She sent me an e-mail saying "He loves the game Starcraft II, Wings of Liberty and this past weekend he was really excited to be promoted to the Silver League. When he plays Starcraft II he plays Terran." All of this went right over my head, but she attached pictures, so I felt a little better.

 Starcraft II logo:
This is the message he got when he moved up to the Silver League:
 Terran logo:

The pictures were helpful, but also caused a bit of panic to set in. How was I supposed to duplicate such intricate designs and fonts onto a cookie?? But I was up for the challenge, and with a little arts & crafts, some handmade stencils and food markers helped me create video game art.

The Silver League badge seemed like it would be pretty easy, so I started there.


Then I tackled the Terran Logo. There was no way I'd be able to draw that thing free-hand, so I printed it out, made a stencil and traced it onto each cookie with yellow food marker. It took some time and patience, but the tracing method definitely made it easier, and I'm pretty proud of how they came out! Especially since at first glace I thought it would be impossible.

The last hurdle was the Starcraft Logo. How on earth was I going to replicate that font and fancy computer-generated shading effect?? I went out on a crazy limb and back to the arts & crafts table. I printed out the logo, poked holes in the corners of each letter with a pin, and when the cookie came out of the oven, I poked through each hole onto the cookie with a toothpick, so that when the cookie cooled, I could connect the dots. When I poked the holes into the cookie, it got all crumbly and I thought I was done for, but after it cooled and I calmed down a bit, the holes were a helpful guide and it actually worked!

So, that's my adventure with the first order of Curtain Up Cookies! 
And a Happy 29th Birthday to Stephanie's boyfriend, Luis!

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