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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GETTIN' CRAFTY: My New Kopykake Projector!

I finally decided to buy a Kopykake projector! 
A lot of my friends were like "What is that thing?," so I wanted to do a little show and tell.

The Kopykake is a projector used for decorating cakes and cookies. I bought the 300XK model at!  It projects an image onto the cookie that you can trace, making my life infinitely easier and saving me HOURS of work.

This is what it looks like all set up (excuse the mess).

You print out the image you'd like to have on the cookie and put it inside the projector box, where the light reflects it off of a mirror and onto the cookie.

Then you trace it! 

My go-to for transferring images to cookies used to be printing the image (many times to find the right size), cutting it out of card stock, tracing it onto the cookie with a push pin, and going over the push pin marks with the icing.  It did the trick, as you can see on the title cookies here, here and here, but it took forever. More recently I replaced the last step with a technique of spreading icing out over the stencil on top of the cookie, which was helpful for the lettering on these, but both methods were very time consuming.

The Kopykake allows you to resize the image by adjusting the lens, so I no longer have to kill trees trying to find the perfect sized stencil, and I can put my Xacto knives away!

I used the projector for the first time on my Valentine's cookies.

I could never write like that freehand. And doing multiples of the same design is so much easier!

I have a huge order in the works and the Kopykake has been a lifesaver! 
Can't wait to share it all with you!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This my first batch of cookies after I received my Kopykake projector, so I did some font practice!

My mom just started a new job, so she asked me to make a batch of Valentine's cookies for her office!

When I'm not making a specific design, I tend to make a different design on every cookie, but that can take forever! So I did a few different themes. For some reason, my camera skews reds and pinks, so unfortunately the colors are a bit off, but I think they still look pretty :)

Lovin' some plaid.

And hearts 

But the lacy ones are my favorite.


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