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Monday, April 22, 2013

OPENING NIGHT COOKIES: The Assembled Parties

Wednesday night we celebrated the opening of The Assembled Parties at Manhattan Theatre Club to rave reviews! I am so proud to be a part of this production, and was so excited to give everyone a sweet opening night treat. I created two designs significant to the show. 

In both acts, Julie Bascov (Jessica Hecht) is hosting Christmas dinner for her family. 
Once a film actress herself, she is also the daughter of a famous clothing designer, 
and she enjoys wearing her mother's designs on special occasions. 

She unveils a beautiful gold dress in Act 2, stating, 
"This was my favorite of her dresses because I watched her make it," 
before delivering a beautiful speech about her mother and her talents. 

I knew I had to recreate this gorgeous gown in cookie form! 

You can see Jessica in her dress, and other fancy opening night pics here.

The story also revolves around a ruby necklace that Julie's mother-in-law presented to her on her wedding day, and which Faye (Judith Light), Julie's sister-in-law has long desired for herself. 

We never actually see this coveted necklace, 
so I was left to my own devices to create the edible version. 

The cookies, like the show, were a hit!
Here are some lovely members of this incredible cast about to enjoy their cookies!

Jeremy Shamos, Judith Light, Jessica Hecht, and me! :)

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